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The Lee Family

The Lee family are a Gipsy family who live on the travellers site in St Day. They are based there for the time being as Pearl and Michael Lee are too frail to travel. Although aware of the prejudice asigned to the Gipsy, they have a strong sense of identity.

Michael having supper

Jasmin is a Gorgio, she met Shane at school and have been together ever since. Shane suffers from a tumor in the brain which has affected his growth pattern, making him largely overweight.

“You can’t trust anyone. I don’t trust anyone, not even my own. There’s good and bad everywhere.”
Michael enjoys his own company. He spends his time collecting and renovating traditional gipsy caravans. I understood very early on that Pearl was the one in charge.

“Jasmin’s a country girl. You heard? Shane proposed to Jazz today. She’s not spoken to him in three days. Then, he took her to Mc Donalds today and proposed to her. He said: ‘I asked three times and I’ll ask you no more. Will you marry me?’ She said: ‘Yes’ ! It’s been seventeen years they’re together.”

Gipsy girl standing at the door of her caravan on site

“I was fifteen and Michael was sixteen when we got together. Its different nowadays, too much sex, drugs-bad things. People don’t know what they want no more. We’re from Manchester. We used to travel a lot. My caravan was fifteen thousand pounds and now you fetch em for fifty thousand because you can’t find em no more. We had it made, all glass inside and lots of mirrors. Now we’re too old and its better for the grandchildren we stay here. It’s OK, it ain’t better but it’s OK.”

“You see Kainesha is very shy, she don’t talk a lot. At school the teachers called granny in and said she won’t talk. Granny asked Kainesha why. She said she didn’t like em.”

It was bedtime, we had just finished watching a film. I was getting ready to sleep on the floor but Pearl would not have any of it and demanded I sleep in bed with her, Gipsy Girl and the dog.

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